The best year ever? Your local NHS. Is the money getting through?

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I’m going down to Brighton for the Liberal Democrat Party Conference shortly.

Train tickets – check.
Pop-Up Stand – check.
Conference Update for delegates – check.
Speech for our fringe meeting on Tuesday 19th September, 1-2pm in the Sandringham Suite – check.
Condoms to distribute to delegates – well, we are sexual health charity! – Check.

Conference has been planned and spoken about in such far off terms all year, it is hard to believe that it has actually arrived. But here it is, and I’m really looking forward to this year’s event.

This is fpa‘s second year in the Health Hotel, and it has been a great opportunity to meet people within the Health sector. The reception this evening should be good fun; last year’s reception was excellent, a nice mix of working and socialising – lots of wine, lots of fresh food (of the non artery-hardening variety), and plenty of interesting people to talk to.

We have our fringe meeting tomorrow, which is called “The Best Year Ever”? Your local NHS – is the money getting through? Working with UNISON and the National Obesity Forum, we have some great speakers lined up. We will be investigating what is happening to community services while the Government proclaims, to paraphrase Harold Macmillan, that we’ve never had it so good. What we hear from practitioners, trying to meet government targets as their funding is swallowed up by PCT deficits, is a different story altogether. It will be a wide ranging debate, so do come along.