Not just an appealing buffet…

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PDS and LMCA were very happy to have our fringe just off the Metropole’s lobby in the Sandringham room as many more people were reminded to attend than may have been expected were we in a more distant corner of the hotel. Each speaker was able to give a different perspective on whether the Government’s plethora of initiaitves are actually encouraging improvement in quality of care or overloading the NHS and the audience were able to join in the debate with their own views on how the NHS needed time to settle and reform to be implemented for improvements to be fully achieved.

At the end of the fringe we opened the doors into the Metropole lobby to let people out and somehow managed to welcome more people in to finish off the remains of the buffet – including one LibDem MP!

All in all we felt the fringe was a success and are now looking forward to even more heated debate at Labour and Conservatives.