Still queuing for a dentist? Patient access to NHS dental care

In 1999, the Prime Minister pledged to ensure everyone had access to NHS dentistry, no matter where they lived, by September 2001. Seven years later, and following the implementation of a new contract for family dentists and new patient charges in England and Wales, is it now any easier for patients to find an NHS […]

Asthma UK, the GMC and The New Health Network prepare for conference

With the conference season finally upon us we are looking forward to what we are sure will be an interesting and lively discussion on the impact of patient choice and on how greater information can affect the care and services that people with long-term conditions receive. As the level of information patients receive will have […]

The best year ever? Your local NHS. Is the money getting through?

I’m going down to Brighton for the Liberal Democrat Party Conference shortly. Train tickets – check. Pop-Up Stand – check. Conference Update for delegates – check. Speech for our fringe meeting on Tuesday 19th September, 1-2pm in the Sandringham Suite – check. Condoms to distribute to delegates – well, we are sexual health charity! – […]

Not just an appealing buffet…

PDS and LMCA were very happy to have our fringe just off the Metropole’s lobby in the Sandringham room as many more people were reminded to attend than may have been expected were we in a more distant corner of the hotel. Each speaker was able to give a different perspective on whether the Government’s […]

An early start!

It was an early start for all on Tuesday 26th September for the Rethink/SCMH breakfast. It was an exclusive affair – if you’re name wasn’t down you weren’t coming in!! The theme was people’s right to work regardless of their experiences of mental ill health and how to achieve this. Anne McGuire MP provided us […]

What would give you confidence in the General Medical Council?

The Department of Health is currently holding a consultation on the future of medical regulation. The GMC will be sending a formal response to the Department shortly. As part of the process of compiling our response, the GMC is engaging with all of its constituents (patients and the public, doctors, educators and trainers, and employers) […]


The Health Hotel is a bespoke venue at all three party conferences bringing together 36 member organisations to promote debate about health issues at the three main party conferences. At each of these conferences, The Health Hotel: hosts a full schedule of fringe events on behalf of all of the 36 member organisations (please view […]